Create better, create together.


Increment was founded with the strong belief that when you create something together, it will be better. We help organizations to co-create with their customers, employees and suppliers, so that they can overcome common problems and exploit new opportunities, together. Increment supports and facilitates the development of more unique solutions as well as improving the overall human experience of buying, working and doing business with an organization. Filled with enthusiasm for co-creation, we devote ourselves every day to assist companies to successfully co-create with all stakeholders.

Why start co-creation ?


Co-creation puts the human experience at the center of your organization’s design. Shifting it from a conventional goods-service approach to an involved mindset by continuously developing new experiences together with stakeholders.


Instead of only streamlining an existing process, co-creative design additionally focuses on the interests of all players involved. Co-creation aims to improve individual experiences with the organization’s products & services.


Truly unique strategies are not found in books. They originate by collaborating with stakeholders trough constructive reflection and dialogue. All parties involved are equal and they work together towards a common goal.


Value is different for everyone. Co-creation lets people create their own value, which is key to happy customers, motivated employees, awesome products & endless opportunities, transforming the organization’s economics.


We bring co-creative initiatives to your doorstep by:

Project Support

Supporting co-creative projects from drawing board to actual execution.


Facilitating workshops in a playful, targeted and result oriented manner.

Process Design

Setting up processes & platforms to solve problems together with all stakeholders.

Problem Solving

Resolving tensions wherever collaboration / co-creation has died.

How we work

Increment fosters an ambitious, professional, yet playful culture. Together with our clients, we always try to develop positive experiences for everybody on the table. We are focused on determining and understanding everybody's needs, we listen to your input and tailor an approach to your specific case.


Let's get together and talk about a bright future!
Antwerp, Belgium